Saturday, April 11, 2009

Russia Karate Expert Kills Two Over Lice Infection

A Russian karate expert has been charged with beating to death a 61-year-old woman and her son, whom he accused of infecting his wife with lice, an investigator said Friday.
The drunk 26-year-old burst into a neighbouring room in his hostel on Tuesday and used karate moves to kill the pair, state investigator Eduard Abdullin said by telephone from Kazan, a city 700 km (430 miles) east of Moscow.

"He literally beat them to death with his hands and feet," Abdullin said. "The family were poor and drank a lot. He blamed them for infecting his wife and the entire corridor with lice."
The 58-year-old husband of the dead woman was also badly beaten, but survived.
The suspect, who studied karate for seven years, faces life in prison if convicted, Abdullin added.

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