Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doctor: Effects of punch, kick killed immigrant

A medical expert hired by prosecutors says a single devastating punch and an equally ferocious kick were all it took to kill a Mexican immigrant.
Luis Ramirez died from a melee with a group of white high school football players in the small northeastern Pennsylvania town of Shenandoah last summer. Prosecutors say it was a racially motivated attack, but the defense disputes that.
Seventeen-year-old Brandon Piekarsky is charged with third-degree murder, accused of delivering the fatal kick. He's on trial with 19-year-old Derrick Donchak, charged with aggravated assault. Both are charged with ethnic intimidation.
Piekarsky's lawyer maintains that 18-year-old Brian Scully is the one kicked Ramirez. Scully has testified that he tried to kick Ramirez but missed and Piekarsky successfully kicked him.

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