Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sam Davis 'killed by bullying gatecrasher with one blow'

AN aggressive bully who gatecrashed a birthday party, spoiling for a fight killed a teenager with a single blow, a court has heard.
A Supreme Court jury was today told Heath Arthur Clake felled Sam Davis so hard it tore one of his major arteries in half, causing both a brain haemorrhage and cardiac arrest.
Opening a 15-day trial, prosecutor Heath Barclay said Clake had not intended to kill Mr Davis - but his actions that night made it clear he wanted to fight.
"He was an aggressive bully who picked fights with a number of people... he was fired up," he said.
"He continued his angry, provocative behaviour so as to make further fights inevitable - that's what he wanted and that's what he got.
"Having started another fight, he finished it by delivering a blow to Mr Davis' head, killing him - that's the only reasonable inference that can be drawn."
Clake, 19, of Hallett Cove, has pleaded not guilty to one count of manslaughter.
It is alleged he killed Mr Davis, 17, at a party in a Brighton home in 2008.
Today, Mr Barclay told the jury Mr Davis - who had a blood alcohol reading of 0.09 - had been invited to that party, unlike Clake.
He said Clake "heckled, pushed, punched and bullied" people in the home's back yard, then followed revellers to the front yard when the celebration ended.
"Clake then provoked a situation that ended up in a melee, and Mr Davis became involved," he said.
Mr Barclay said 20 witnesses would give "very different" accounts of the brawl, and only one person had seen the fatal punch inflicted.
"He will tell you Mr Davis stopped moving, looked dizzy and, a couple of seconds later, collapsed," he said.
"Mr Davis lost consciousness almost immediately, and he never spoke again."

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