Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witness: Suspect in one-punch death said victim 'deserved it'


After throwing a punch that ultimately cost another man his life, Dustin Goy told a friend "that guy deserved it," a prosecution witness said Tuesday in the Crystal Lake man's involuntary manslaughter trial.
Others, however, testified that Goy was trying to walk away from the commotion that precipitated the fatal punch, only to be followed by the larger man he claims he struck in self-defense.
Goy, 32, could face anywhere from five years in prison to probation if found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from the Sept. 8, 2007, altercation that ended with him punching 45-year-old Anthony Carlsen outside The Cottage, a downtown Crystal Lake tavern.
After the incident and unaware of Carlsen's condition, Goy and several in his group walked to another tavern nearby where, bartender Kimberly LaPointe testified, she heard the "that guy deserved it" remark.
Her testimony followed Carlsen friend and neighbor Charyn Ullrick, who said she was near him when the fatal blow was struck, but did not see it happen. She did, however, describe the moments leading up to it, saying Carlsen seemed confused, but not angry. But she also may have provided Goy's self-defense claim a boost when she said he and his friends were walking away from Carlsen before the punch.
"You never saw Mr. Goy do anything to Mr. Carlsen but walk away, correct?" asked defense lawyer Timothy Mahoney.
"Correct," Ullrick replied.
At Goy's request, the trial is being heard by McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather instead of a jury.

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